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All Hands In


Executive Officers

President -  Willie Flowers
1st Vice President -  Kori Jones

2nd Vice President - Janssen Evelyn

3rd Vice President - Kendra Banks

Secretary -  Jennifer Jones 
Assistant Secretary - Brent Jones

Treasurer  -  Victoria Richards

Assistant Treasurer - Richard Shepherd, Jr.

Mr. Michael Butera

Mr. John Wheatland

Rev. Dr. Barbara Morton

Ms. Valerie Parker

Ms. Moyah Panda

Ms. Dana Couch 

Members at Large


Community Coordinator - Brooke Foyles 

Communications - Shawn Sagers 
Education - Kendra Banks  

Economic Development - Steven Hudson
Environmental and Climate Justice - Janssen Evelyn
Faith & Religion  -  Rev. Dr. Barbara Morton

Finance - Victoria Richards
Freedom Fund -  Stephanie Wall
Labor & Industry - Donald Cash
Health - Dana Couch    
Legal Redress - Gregory Yancey

Labor & Industry - Donald Cash
Housing - Jackie Alexander 

Membership - Brent Jones 
Political Action - Yancey Spencer  
Public Safety - Brent Jones / Octavia Kidd
Technology  - Mike Butera

WIN - Mae Beale 

Website and Marketing - Elvira McCullough


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